Some thirty close collaborators of Donald Trump in the White House have tested positive for coronavirus, among them, his main immigration advisor, the spokesman or his chief of press, as well as several military personnel.

The latest to announce that he has been hit by the coronavirus is Stephen Miller, the chief immigration advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump: “For the past five days I have been working remotely and in isolation, testing negative every day until yesterday. Today, I tested positive for COVID-19 and am in quarantine,” Miller said in a statement.

Miller’s is the 23rd positive linked to the White House outbreak, which forced the president to be hospitalized over the weekend.

The first to announce her positive was Hope Hicks, one of Trump’s closest advisors last Thursday.

On Friday, it was the turn of Trump himself and the first lady, Melania Trump.

Since then there has been a trickle of cases that have included fellow counselor Nicholas Luna, White House spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany and four other members of her team.

Also infected have been Senators Mike Lee and Thom Tillis, former advisor Kellyanne Conway, Deputy Coast Guard Commander Charles W. Ray, or former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Although it is difficult to determine the origin of the outbreak, most of those infected attended the nomination ceremony for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Saturday, September 26, almost all of them without masks.

The other positives are Republican Party President Ronna McDaniel, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, University of Notre Dame President John Jenkins, Pastor Greg Laurie, three journalists and a military man.

President Donald Trump has returned to his traditional frenzy of networking. Facebook has removed a message, as misleading, in which he again minimized the damage caused by the coronavirus.


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