The FBI has arrested thirteen members of an extremist and armed militia. They are accused of attempting to kidnap the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, of trying to storm that state’s capitol and of instigating a civil war.

The detainees were against the restrictions imposed by that Democratic governor because of the coronavirus and bought weapons and explosives. They guarded her summer residence and located a hideout where they could kidnap her and perhaps kill her as well.

Witmer said that “two militia groups were preparing to kidnap me and possibly kill me”.

While another group of men would kidnap members of the government, storm the capitol and take power.

The Michigan Attorney General has indicated that “all these people were also involved in planning to attack the Michigan Capitol and kidnap the people inside.

The plan began to take shape in March, when the Democratic governor declared a state of emergency and adopted strict measures to contain the coronavirus.

The infiltration of an FBI agent in this extremist group, allowed the arrest of the 13 militiamen. They wanted to act before the November elections and start a civil war


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