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Trump campaigns again: “I’m already immune to the virus”


Donald Trump was seen last night, finally, relieved, free, happy to be surrounded by thousands of his supporters at a big election rally. Gone is the desperate black week when he was forced to live confined to the White House, without leaving, a captive of the coronavirus, from which today he proclaims himself not only cured, but also immune.

“Now they tell me I am immune. I feel very powerful. I’m going to get in there in the middle of the audience. I will go in there and give kisses to everyone in the audience. I’ll even kiss the guys, and the beautiful women too… I’ll kiss them all. I’ll give them a big, strong kiss,” said the president yesterday, who is actually known for his phobia of germs and is not very friendly about kissing and shaking hands.

But yesterday the president was in his element and free of fear. He spent exactly 13 days without a rally, isolated in the White House and at Walter Reed’s military hospital, watching in desperation as he fell in intent to vote while Democrat Joe Biden rose, even though those same polls were useless four years ago. It was a question of image.

For his stellar comeback yesterday, Trump chose Florida, the state where he is registered, which he won in 2016 and where the polls show him to be well off, better than other places like Pennsylvania or Wisconsin. Aware that yesterday he was in a state with 26% Latinos, Trump defended, as he usually does, a democratic regeneration in the Americas.

“My opponent is on the side of the socialists and communists. I am on the side of the people of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela in their just struggle for freedom,” the president said.

Now the Trump electoral train doesn’t stop. The president wants to hold a rally every day until November 3, election day. This week he will visit Pennsylvania, Iowa, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Aside from campaign events, Trump has not yet had an official presidential schedule since he contracted the virus.


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