The U.S. elections are starting to get on track for the last two weeks of the campaign, and candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden are designing their rallies with the goal of winning in the so-called “swing states”, where the number of voters for both candidates is very similar, but which could be decisive in the face of November 3.

So far, the polls give the Democratic Party candidate, Joe Biden, as the favorite, by at least six points of difference with Trump. The difference was as high as fourteen points according to some polls, but the current tenant of the White House has been regaining confidence.

The measurements have been made by RearClearPolitics, and reflect the direct voting intention, that is, the total percentage of voters, but due to the peculiar U.S. electoral system, the candidate with more votes is not proclaimed president, but the one with more representation in each of the 50 states.

So much so, that Hilary Clinton herself got 3 million more votes than Trump in the 2016 election, but in terms of states, Trump won 30 states and Clinton won 20, so she ended up losing the election and disappearing from political life in the Democratic Party.

The states that show the most indecision according to the polls are Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan. The five play a decisive role in the elections, as it already happened in 2016, where Trump ended up winning in all of them and therefore obtained the 83 corresponding delegates, which allowed him to make a difference and become president of the United States.

Finally, the Republican president hopes that something similar to the last elections will happen, where the distance in the polls was reduced as the date of the vote approached until it was almost even, so that finally Donald Trump ended up winning the elections.


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