Almost 70 million Americans have already cast their votes early with exactly one week to go before the White House election, a figure that already represents 50% of those who went to the polls in 2016.

In total, 69,645,195 Americans had gone to the polls Tuesday, according to state data collected by the US Elections Project, of which 23,131,183 had done so in person and 46,514,012 by mail.

These nearly 70 million already represent 50.5% of the 136.6 million who voted in 2016 in the election that faced Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, in which there was a participation of 55.7%.

The current data points to a significant increase in participation since four years ago only 47.2 million Americans voted in advance.

Both the pandemic and the passions aroused by the 2020 election between Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are noted as reasons for this increase in early voting.

Among the states with the largest turnout are Texas with 7.8 million, California with 7.4 million and Florida with 6.4 million, which are also the most populous.

Texas is also the state with the highest participation compared to 2016, having already reached 86.9% of the votes cast at that time.

Other states that, like Texas, are expected to be contested in 2020, such as North Carolina and Georgia, will account for 71.5% and 71.4%, respectively, of the total participation in 2016. Florida has voted 67.1% and Arizona 68.3%.

Participation in US elections is traditionally low and does not exceed 60% since Republican Richard Nixon first took over the White House in 1968.


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