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Yi Fan, the Chinese doctor who turned ‘black’ by the coronavirus after being in a coma, reappears


Yi Fan is one of the two Chinese doctors who changed color after waking up from the coma in their fight against the coronavirus. The cardiologist treated patients for several weeks before he became infected.

Another doctor, also 42, Hu Weifeng, was not so lucky and ended up dying. Both saw their skin darken to the appearance of a black person during their fight against COVID-19.

Yi Fan has reappeared after more than four months. The cardiologist, who has now recovered his skin tone, has visited the hospital in Wuhan where he was treated and has spoken on China Central Television (CCTV).

He acknowledges that he had to receive psychological treatment after leaving the hospital and publicly acknowledges the work of the doctor who fought to save his life. “He is my savior, I need to thank him,” said Yi Fan in ‘Hubei Today’.

The doctor was connected to a life support machine that pumped oxygen into the blood for 39 days. His case and Hu Weifeng’s case went around the world because of the shocking news. The reason for the change in skin pigmentation could be found in the use of chloroquine during treatment.


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