The U.S. 2020 election continues, two days after the closing of polling stations, without a clear winner. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden is close to victory, while Republican Party candidate and incumbent President Donald Trump has challenged the vote in three key states as his White House re-election options have narrowed.

Joe Biden has taken over the key states of Michigan and Wisconsin, these victories give the Democratic candidate 264 delegates in the U.S. elections and leave him just one short of the 270 pledges that give him the keys to the White House. While his opponent Donald Trump has 214. However, the president and his campaign insisted on their chances of victory and called for a recount in Wisconsin, as well as filing lawsuits in Michigan and Pennsylvania to stop the recount and pressure the Supreme Court to intervene in the latter state.

Although everything points to Joe Biden being the next tenant of the White House, the Democratic candidate has not been a champion in either of his two post-U.S. election speeches.

Joe Biden appeared for the second time Wednesday afternoon before the media in Wilmington, Delaware, to try to project confidence in the election and optimism about his possible victory, while the country was still on edge because of the tightness of the results. “Once the count is over, we will be winners,” predicted Biden, accompanied by Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

“No one is going to take our democracy away from us, now or ever,” added Biden, who has denounced Trump’s attempts to claim victory in the U.S. presidential election without final results.

Donald Trump’s son has supported the Republican candidate’s allegations of fraud by delivering a message to a group of the current president’s supporters: “The Democrats know that the only way to win this election is to cheat.

Donald Trump and his campaign called for a recount in Wisconsin, given that Biden’s lead over Wisconsin’s pledges is less than 1 percent of the vote, and he filed at least two other lawsuits in two other states that gave him the keys to the White House in 2016. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, Trump’s team filed lawsuits to stop the vote count because they believe their observers have not had access due to the location of the count.

Trump did not appear in public again and is calling for the results on Friday.

Joe Biden must conquer at least one of the four key remaining states to win the election: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada. With more than 86% of the vote counted in all of them, Biden is in the lead only in Nevada – which gives him 6 electoral votes, just enough to reach 270 – while Trump leads by narrow margins in the other three.


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