In a gesture never seen before, some of the main television stations in the United States, like ABC, CBS and NBC, cut in unison the speech of the current President Donald Trump when the results of the US 2020 elections are still being known, and in prime time, in which without evidence he has continued to denounce “electoral fraud” and attack “a corrupt democratic machine”. For its part, Fox News, a news source for the Republican Party, denied the words of the candidate for reelection.

NBC, ABC and CBS did not give rise to any doubt about his position and categorically denied the words of Donald Trump. “We have to interrupt Trump because the president has made a series of false statements,” said Lester Holt, host of NBC Nightly News, live on the air.

In the same vein, David Muir, the host of the most followed news program in the country with 8 million daily viewers, the ABC World News Tonight. “There is simply no evidence in any of these states that illegal voting exists,” he said.

The election in the United States is opening a gap in Donald Trump’s relationship with the conservative news channel due to the Republican candidate’s constant, as yet unproven, accusations of a “corrupt electoral system”. “We haven’t seen anything that constitutes fraud or abuse of the system,” said White House correspondent for Fox News John Roberts, speaking live from the same newsroom where the president spoke seconds earlier.

On the news set in New York, the anchors were repeating over and over again. “We haven’t seen any evidence”. Hours later, on evening talk shows, Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham made a U-turn and questioned in an editorial whether the vote by mail should be counted, saying that “America should know the winner on election night or the next morning”.


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