On Thursday, the United States exhausted its third night of scrutiny without the winner of Tuesday’s presidential election being known, and now all eyes are on Pennsylvania to tip the scales in the next few hours.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden remains with 264 delegates in the Electoral College, while President Donald Trump has 214. Both need a minimum of 270 to win the election.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden said Friday that the numbers are “clear” and that he is on his way to winning the presidential election, but he has asked his voters for calm and confidence in democracy until the vote count is over.

“We are going to win this race with much of the nation behind us,” Biden said in a short speech from his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. He then called for confidence in the electoral recount process and stressed that “democracy works.

The Democratic candidate has stressed the importance of “all the votes being counted” and has said that he will not allow them to be missed, as the Trump campaign intends in some battleground states where he has filed lawsuits.

Biden, who was accompanied on the stand by Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, said goodbye to his voters, assuring them that he hopes to speak to them again tomorrow.

The former vice president of the Obama administration has thanked the 74 million Americans who have supported him in this election and made him the most voted candidate in U.S. history, but has also addressed those who have chosen other policy options.

“We are opponents, but not enemies, we are Americans, no matter who you voted for. We can agree to put hatred and demonization behind us. It’s not going to be easy, but we have to try,” the candidate has called for concord.


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