The media family of outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump seems to be divided on the acceptance of the defeat by the president, according to media, which locate his wife, Melania Trump, and his son-in-law and advisor, Jared Kushner, among those who ask him to give up, while his older children, Donald Jr. and Eric, oppose it. Trump’s campaign advisor, Jason Miller, has, however, rejected these reports.

While the Republican leader has decided to take refuge in his golf club during the day, the positions among his allies are opposed, according to CNN and the publication Politico, which cite people familiar with the conversations.

Kushner, husband of the daughter and also advisor to the governor, Ivanka Trump, is said to have approached the president to ask him to accept his defeat by the Democrat Joe Biden, both media indicated.

Miller rejected CNN’s version on Twitter and indicated that Kushner has advised Trump to pursue “all available legal resources to ensure the accuracy” of the election.

He also denied hours later on the same social network another statement according to which he, Kushner and Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani would be inclined to have the president perform acts to pressure for a recount of the votes, while Republican David Bossie and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows would support a concession of defeat.

Both media point out that the first lady has privately advised the governor to accept the results. However, Trump’s wife posted a message on Twitter this Sunday asking that every “legal vote” be counted.

The versions also agree that Donald Jr. and Eric Trump are standing firm and have pressured Republicans and supporters of the governor to reject the media’s projections of results.

Politico revealed that at a time when many allies are facing the possibility of defeat, Trump’s campaign employees found printed copies of the governor’s tweets on the walls of the political headquarters on Sunday and a manipulated front page of a newspaper that encouraged them to keep fighting, an idea that came from the top.


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