“WE’RE GOING TO WIN!” Thus, with capital letters and between exclamations, it had been written on Twitter by the still president, or acting president, Donald Trump. He typed it in the middle of a battery of messages from accomplices and allies, which proceeded to fuel, and in which they denounced a massive fraud. Something like the biggest election scam in US history.

Meanwhile, the Trump Administration denies the president-elect, Joe Biden, the concession of the election. As a result, the long and complex transition process has not been able to get underway, bringing the administration close to stalling and the government close to abandoning the course of the elements. Meanwhile, Attorney General William Barr has ordered prosecutors to investigate fraud allegations before the states still in play proclaim a winner. Almost immediately, the Justice Department’s chief election-crimes prosecutor, Richard Pilger, resigned. He accuses Barr of attempting to “repeal the non-interference policy followed for forty years.

Until now, the State Department has always waited for the results to be certified, and for a winner to be declared, before undertaking investigations.

But Trump had given notice months ago of his intention to appeal if he lost. After trying to build a network of lawyers to try to stall the process, the experts began to operate and filed an appeal with the judges so that the State of Philadelphia would not declare Joe Biden the winner of the election. Not, at least, until the lawyers have presented, substantiated and, hopefully, the appeals. With them, and armed with a rhetoric of democracy in mortal danger in the face of a conspiracy led by corrupt politicians, sold out bureaucrats, complicit media and surrendered technology, they hope to turn the presidential election around and demonstrate the monstrous conspiracy orchestrated against them.

Trump has also re-trafficked videos of his own appearances after the elections on Tuesday, November 3. In which he claimed, among other things, that “tens of thousands of votes were illegally received after 8 p.m. on Tuesday, election day, totally and easily changing the results in Pennsylvania and some other dubious states. As a separate matter, hundreds of thousands of votes could not be illegally OBSERVED”.

Their claims have coincided with the effervescence of rumor networks and a flood of fake news. One of the most talked about has been the one that supposedly involved the influential website Real Clear Politics, and that according to several messages distributed on social networks would have rectified Biden’s projected victory in Pennsylvania. “That’s false,” responded Tom Bevan, “responsible for the site, we never awarded Pennsylvania and nothing has changed.

But his message barely managed to mitigate the one to which he responded, written by none other than former New York City Mayor and Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who just wrote on Twitter that the media billing “#FakeNews will not cover the lawsuit that will invalidate 300,000 or more corrupt Democratic votes in Philadelphia. Real Clear Politics has simply taken PA away from Biden and left it open. This is just the beginning. Look beyond big media censorship to see how it all changes.

A New York Times report on the violence of the debate speaks volumes about the growing unrest among the reputable law firms that advise Trump and the resentment among their partners that their actions and resources are contributing to the erosion of the system. D
t is not long since he has found, in an unprecedented way, a U.S. president who does not hesitate to label cities such as Philadelphia or Detroit, by the way, as corrupt, two purely African-American cities, or to proclaim that, in spite of the fact that he has obtained less than four million votes from his opponent, in reality it is all due to an orchestral maneuver conjured up to snatch his victory.


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