More than one million infants, children and adolescents have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the United States, which has already exceeded 11 million confirmed cases in total, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Children’s Hospital Association said Monday in a report.

A total of 1,039,464 children had tested positive for COVID-19 since the pandemic began as of November 12, according to the report, which compiles data from state health departments.

And in the week ending November 12 alone, the statistic for child infections reached 111,946 new cases, “which is substantially higher than any previous week of the pandemic.

“I find this number shocking and tragic. We have not seen a virus spreading so quickly in our communities since before we had the measles and polio vaccines,” AAP President Sally Goza said in a statement.

The expert, with more than three decades of experience, called for doing more to protect everyone in the communities while waiting for a vaccine.

“We urgently need a new national strategy to control the pandemic and that must include the implementation of proven public health measures such as facemask use and physical distancing,” added Goza, for whom the pandemic “is taking a heavy toll on children, families and communities, as well as on physicians and other frontline medical teams.

The note indicated that 27% of parents reported a worsening of their mental health, while 14% reported a worsening of their child’s mental health, according to the COVID-19 National Survey on Parent and Child Wellness during the Pandemic.

In addition, the statement added, citing figures from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), child and adolescent visits to mental health emergencies have increased by more than 24% during the pandemic.

The United States has 11.1 million positive cases of the disease and 247,019 deaths, according to the independent Johns Hopkins University count.


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