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Regeneron, the COVID-19 drug that Trump took, receives emergency clearance from the FDA


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Saturday gave emergency clearance to Regeneron, the drug to treat the coronavirus popularly known after it was used to treat U.S. President Donald Trump when he contracted the disease.

This treatment consists of what is known as an antibody cocktail, and studies have shown that its early application improves the condition of patients.

The authorization has been issued to treat patients over the age of 12 who are likely to develop serious symptoms and are neither hospitalized nor in need of oxygen, according to the New York Times.

Another similar drug from the company Eli Lilly was approved at the beginning of the month.

Trump promised after he left the hospital that he would guarantee free access to this drug. The company has received more than 500 million dollars from the U.S. federal government (approximately 421.7 million euros) and the first 300,000 doses will be free in the United States, although Americans could pay depending on their insurance to have it applied, since it must be used in a hospital.

According to company estimates, by the end of November they will have enough doses for 80,000 people and will be able to treat 200,000 patients by the beginning of January and 300,000 by the end of the month, as they have reached an agreement with the Swiss company Roche for the production of the drug.


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