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Buying PS5 in the UK is a nightmare for some players: they get fryers or sheets


We are leaving November and approaching the end of the year. This month has been special because of the launch of the new generation consoles, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5. There has been so much demand that the stock is insufficient, so getting to buy one almost makes you feel lucky. But what if what you get at home has nothing to do with the console?

In the United Kingdom there seems to be a real problem with PS5 shipments. In an extensive report by IGN UK, the journalist Bex April May has said that many Sony consoles have been stolen in the United Kingdom, and it seems that the problem is centered on Amazon. What’s more, she herself received a fryer instead of her PS5, at which point she began to investigate the issue.

What May has found is troubling: it seems that many of the PS5 shipments have been replaced by lower cost products, such as cat litter, bedding or sports equipment. In other cases, the store’s version is that the shipment has been lost. According to the journalist, the problem may be located at the delivery companies, because the packages seem to have been tampered with and because one of her sources works at Amazon and states that there are many security measures in place at the company to prevent theft.

Although we obviously cannot know what is really going on in every case in the UK, the journalist believes that there is a professional criminal organization behind it. Another of her sources indicates that her company delivered Apple products and, at a certain point, some criminals began to bribe their drivers not to deliver the packages and to steal them, so that the organization would resell them. Perhaps something similar will happen in this case.

This could be because many buyers who have received another product (or who have been notified directly that the shipment has been lost) apparently noticed that the delivery men stayed close to their homes for a few minutes, but did not leave the van. The reason for this, according to the report, is that the workers are geolocated and must be near the delivery site to mark the product as delivered.

As May pointed out, the lack of PS5 stock makes it a very sought-after product and, in fact, it is being resold on some platforms in exchange for a lot of money. It seems that console thefts are the order of the day, something that also happened in Chile. May will continue to investigate, while Amazon does the same (they have “compensated” him with 10 pounds to spend in the store).


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