The United Nations has confirmed this Sunday that at least 110 civilians were killed in the massacre perpetrated the day before by the jihadist organization Boko Haram in a village in northwest Nigeria, in what the international institution has already described as “the most brutal direct attack carried out this year against innocent people” in the African country.

The event occurred in the farming community of Zabarmari (Koshebe village, Borno state), when armed men on motorcycles “launched a brutal attack on men and women” who were working in rice fields.

The UN humanitarian coordinator in Nigeria, Edward Kallon, has further reported that an unknown number of people have been injured and that he has received reports that several women in the village “may have been abducted.

“I call for their immediate release and return to safety, and extend my condolences to the rural communities in the area, shocked by yesterday’s (Saturday) brutality, while fearing for their safety”.

The aid worker, who has declared himself “indignant and horrified” by this monstrous attack, has indicated that the victims were shot, although local sources have reported that they ended up with their throats slit or their heads cut.

This new report was published at the same time that the funerals of the first 43 victims located on Saturday began. The president of the country, Muhammadu Buhari, has expressed his repulsion for these “senseless murders”, as has the governor of Borno, Babagana Zulum, before highlighting the critical situation of the population of Koshebe.

“If they stay at home they die of hunger, and if they go out to cultivate they are killed by the insurgents,” lamented the governor, present at the funeral, in declarations to the Nigerian newspaper Premium Times.

Zabarmari is located less than 20 kilometers from the command center of the military operation ‘Lafiya Dole’ (Peace by Force), directed precisely against Boko Haram and his splinter, the subsidiary of the Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA).

In fact, MP Ahmed Satomi has estimated that the reason for the attack could be the arrest this Friday of an alleged member of Boko Haram, long in active service, in a nearby area.


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