On November 18, a mysterious silver monolith was discovered in a desert in southwestern Utah, United States. No one knew then where it came from or who took it there. Almost two weeks after the discovery, the metal structure has disappeared without a trace.

According to CNN, the alert was given by the Utah State Land Administration Office last Saturday. Through social networks, the department confirmed that the monolith was removed by “an unknown party” last Friday night. With the statement they wanted to make clear that they have not been responsible for removing the structure considered as “private property” from the site. Similarly, the office has stressed that “it does not investigate crimes involving private property that are handled by the local sheriff’s office.

The monolith is about three meters high and was discovered by a team of officials from the Aero Bureau of the Utah Department of Public Safety. The workers were conducting a survey of the area’s mouflon population from a helicopter. At the time of its discovery, the large shiny block generated different theories about the true origin of its provenance and attracted many curious tourists who wanted to see what the monument looked like.

The similarity of the “artifact” with the one that appears in Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001, a space odyssey, has given rise to all kinds of speculations and interpretations.

At first, as CNN reports, the location of the monolith was not disclosed by the authorities to avoid crowding the place with people who were trapped in this remote area and needed to be rescued. The objective was not met because several people located the structure, hidden inside a red rock slot canyon south of Moab. During the expedition, one of the explorers was initially lost.


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