The World Health Organization itself has opposed the creation of “immunity passports”, a document that certifies that a person who has passed the Covid-19 has antibodies and therefore can travel without representing a risk.

However, last Thursday, the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed in a press conference another alternative measure, which consists in the creation and use of the so-called “electronic vaccination certificates”, to be able to travel in times of pandemic.

These certificates would be the same as those recently launched in Estonia, the “yellow smart cards”, which serve to strengthen the COVAX initiative, which seeks to accelerate the development and equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines, according to the WHO.

These “yellow cards” are a digital system with which to check and track a patient’s medical data interactively, thus providing easy and effective help in identifying people who have received the new Covid-19 vaccine.

The digital certificates can be used as a guarantee when traveling, since they will indicate that the traveler has been vaccinated against the disease and does not pose a risk to the rest of the travelers or citizens of the country of destination.


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