In the race to see which country will supply the Covid-19 vaccine to its population first, UK medical authorities have issued a warning: the impact of the vaccine will be marginal this winter and will not result in lower hospitalizations over the next few months. Moreover, they foresee that Christmas may increase the pressure on the public health system in that country.

In a letter sent this Friday to the health personnel, the medical chiefs of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have assured that the deployment of the vaccine “will only have a marginal impact in the reduction of the number of people who enter the health service with Covid during the next three months”.

In the missive, collected by various British media such as Sky News, the doctors assure that the social gatherings around the Christmas dates “can put additional pressure on hospitals and primary care in the New Year and we must be prepared for that”.

The British regulators gave the green light last Wednesday to the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, which makes this country the first in the world to authorize an antidote against the coronavirus. The hospitals of England are already finalizing the preparations to begin to vaccinate from this Tuesday, December 8, informs The Guardian. The first to immunize will be the staff of nursing homes, and patients over 80 years.

In addition, medical professionals have indicated in their letter that, although the vaccine can prevent symptoms, it will continue to be “essential that people continue to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintain other measures to reduce transmission even after vaccination.

In this sense, they indicate that “we do not expect Covid to disappear even after full vaccination, although it will be substantially less important as a cause of mortality and morbidity”. For this reason, they have considered it “absolutely essential that we use the next few months to learn as much as we can, since we expect Covid to be less common in the future.


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