British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on Tuesday that negotiations to reach a Brexit agreement with Brussels are being “very, very complicated”, although he trusted his “powers” of persuasion to close a trade deal with the European Union (EU).

The conservative leader made those statements before traveling in the next few days to the EU capital for a face-to-face dialogue with the president of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, in an attempt to break the deadlock in which the talks are stuck due to the lack of progress on several issues.

The EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has indicated that time is running out to bring positions closer together, since there are only three weeks left for the definitive separation, which, according to Johnson, will take place with or without an agreement at the end of the transition period.

The British “premier” alluded today to the “sweet power of reason” as a resource for smoothing out the last differences, although he was firm about the limits he is willing to reach in order to establish a new relationship with the bloc after Brexit.

London and Brussels agree that there are still significant differences on three issues, such as guarantees to ensure fair competition between British and EU companies, fisheries and mechanisms to resolve disputes over the future agreement.

“Our friends need to understand that the UK has left the EU so that we can exercise democratic control over the way we do things,” Johnson told the media.

The “Tory” leader insisted that the fisheries issue remains one of the main obstacles and that positions are “far apart”, but he committed himself to “do everything possible to resolve it”.

However, he acknowledged that there may come a time when the curtain will have to be lowered and it will not be possible to reach an agreement.


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