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Mass coronavirus vaccination campaign begins in the United States

NewsMass coronavirus vaccination campaign begins in the United States

The massive coronavirus vaccination campaign that begins today in the United States has been called ‘Speed of light’ because of its great pretensions. By the end of the week, the country most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic expects to have 3 million people immunized.

The first 3 million doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine are now arriving at 600 designated hospitals in all 50 states.

It is the most ambitious vaccination campaign in the United States and if the plan goes through, 20 million Americans will be immunized before the end of the year.

With more than 16 million infections and more than 300,000 deaths from coronavirus in the United States, approval of the use of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine is almost imminent, which would allow immunizing 20 million more people.

The CDC also approves the administration of the vaccine from the age of 16, something that had caused debate within the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration, since it was also considered to set the threshold at 18 due to the lack of clinical data in the adolescent population.

CDC has recommended that States administer the first available doses of Pfizer vaccine to elderly and nursing home personnel, as well as medical and emergency personnel who are playing for their lives every day to save those infected by the pandemic.


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