Watch out, Tesla, Toyota is coming. The Japanese manufacturer has been working on solid state batteries since 2017, and the economic newspaper Nikkei Asia now reveals that in 2021 we will see a prototype based on batteries that pose a spectacular jump for the electric car.

The idea is to solve in one fell swoop the two great problems of traditional electric cars: Toyota’s car will allow, according to rumors, a range of 500 km in just 10 minutes.

Solid-state batteries hold great promise in a segment that has not evolved at the speed of other technology segments: we continue to rely on conventional lithium-ion batteries, but more and more data points to the fact that the use of solid electrolytes instead of one in a semi-liquid state may bring about significant changes in this segment. The solid substance in these new batteries has a much higher tolerance to high temperatures and is also less susceptible to damage if a collision occurs.

These advantages join those that really matter to the general public: they have a higher capacity, are charged faster and weigh less than traditional lithium-ion batteries. For manufacturers there is even more good news, as these batteries are simpler and cheaper to manufacture.

There have been several announcements in the last few days that have boosted the good expectations about this technology. Ford and BMW have invested in the company Solid Power, one of the most involved in the development of these batteries. In fact, they have just announced the development of 20 Ah solid state batteries with 22-layer cells and a density of 330 Wh/kg, well above any conventional lithium ion battery according to the company.

Added to all this is the data revealed by Nikkei Asia, which is preparing a 100% electric vehicle with these solid state batteries of which it will have a prototype in 2021. This vehicle will stand out for being able to recharge the sufficient battery in 10 minutes and at room temperature to cover 500 km.

Although experts speak of being cautious when talking about the hypothetical revolution of solid-state batteries, the news coming from Toyota, Solid Power or QuantumScape -another company we will begin to hear more and more about in this segment- certainly makes us optimistic.


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