An 18-year-old boy froze to death in his car after Google Maps suggested a disused route on a day when the freezing weather reached -58ºF.

According to local media, Sergey Ustinov died inside his car after it broke down on the so-called ‘Bone Road’ in Russia, while driving to Magadan from Yakutsk, the coldest city in the world.

Ustinov was going with his friend, Vladislav Istomin, also 18 years old, who was found with acute hypothermia and who is seriously ill in the hospital with his arms and legs severely frozen. “His condition is extremely serious, we are fighting for his life,” said one doctor.

Neither of them was properly dressed for the extreme cold of the region, according to the police, who said the vehicle broke down when taking the wrong road. Several citizens of the area have stated that the normal thing to do there is to drive with two vehicles because one of them could broke down, since temperatures can drop beyond -60ºF.


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