The Islamic State has released this afternoon a video, lasting three minutes, with express reference to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, in which it encourages its fighters and actors, lone wolves, to commit attacks during this Christmas and New Year.

The recording, entitled “kill them coldly with terror and rage”, includes images of the recent attack in Vienna, other attacks in France, such as the one in Nice in 2016 with a truck that ran over a crowd, as well as war actions and alleged victims caused by the enemy “crusaders”, including children. The recourse to the images of minors that would have died by the attacks of the troops of the International Coalition is a habitual resource to inflame the spirits of the fanatics and to inculcate in them the hatred towards the “infidels”.

The authors of the video ask those who are watching it “what are you waiting for when the war becomes more intense every day? And he reminds them that if others were capable of committing the attacks referred to in the recording, anyone can do it this holiday season. Among the targets, the French are expressly mentioned, pointing to the member countries of the International Coalition. “Trust in Allah and kill them”, can be read in the subtitles that are included in English.

The recent attacks in Nice and Vienna, committed by lone wolves, are of concern in anti-terrorist media. There is the suspicion that the attacker of the Austrian capital, Kujti Fejzulai, had some kind of logistic support to get the assault rifle and the gun with which he perpetrated the murders. And, in the case of the French city, it was an individual who had recently arrived as an illegal immigrant through Lampedusa, in Italy.

“As happened in 2016, with the massacre in Paris, when several of the perpetrators also snuck in as immigrants, can it be assured that the perpetrator, Brahim Issaoui, came alone and was not part of a group that is already in Europe,” they ask. What seems clear is that he moved from Tunisia with the marked objective of attacking the church in Nice.

Jihadist gangs are aware of the movements of illegal immigration towards Europe and it cannot be ruled out, as previous examples have shown, that they may try to infiltrate their terrorists among those who come in search of a better life. Any failure to control this immigration, the slightest “sieve” that may occur, can be used to bring to the West individuals willing to commit attacks or prepare infrastructure for use by organized cells.


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