Today is a black Friday for many companies, which from tomorrow will not be able to market their products and services throughout the United States, as the U.S. Department of Commerce understands that there have been connections with the Chinese government, especially the well-known manufacturer of DJI drones, being one of the 77 new companies that have just joined the so-called “Entity List”.

This is the same blacklist on which the popular manufacturer of cell phones and other electronic devices, Huawei, is also found, giving it so many headaches, although fortunately the company is managing to come out stronger.

As far as DJI is concerned, this is more of a human rights issue for the department, understanding that the popular drone maker supplied drones to the Chinese government in 2017 to track Uighurs in Xinjiang province, considering it to be a party against some minorities.

DJI accompanies Huawei and many other companies on the Entity List

Let’s remember that in the case of Huawei, it was more a question of national security, as we understand that there are relations with the Chinese government to carry out acts of spying on citizens through electronic devices, whose pressures have even led to European territories have chosen to veto 5G equipment, with plans to replace existing Huawei 5G equipment.

The list now also includes the SMIC chip manufacturer, which is also a collaborating company with Huawei. In any case, for DJI it will be a quite important blow, since this holiday season is a time when many products are usually bought as gifts, having the company in its portfolio a great variety of drone models and accessories, but also models of image stabilizers that allow stable video recordings, with quite smooth and precise movements.

No clear future for banned companies in the United States

So far, DJI has declined to offer a statement on the subject. The ban goes into effect tomorrow, and it comes at a time when the presidency of the United States is about to change.

We do not know at this time if Joe Biden will continue with the current veto policies.


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