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Real or artificial plants for the home?


Maybe when you go to visit a relative who has plants in his home you like them very much, and you want to have them in your house too. But of course, that’s when you have the dilemma: real or artificial plants? In reality, this decision should only be made by you, because if they are real, you will have to take care of them so that they don’t die, and if they are artificial, you will only have to dust them.

Of course they are not the same, but both will give you a good feeling of being close to nature. Nowadays there are artificial plants that are very successful and that will allow you to enjoy them as long as you have them in good condition. They are ideal for people with little time or who usually die of real plants.

On the other hand, real plants are ideal for people who like gardening and above all, who have time to take care of plants. In fact, both types of plants (real and artificial) have their pros and cons.

It is important to take all this into account when choosing a type of plant to decorate your home. In case you are not sure, you could make a mistake in your decision, and it is better that you are right to be comfortable in your home with the plants you decide to have!

Real plants are very beautiful but require special care. On the other hand, artificial plants do not require as much maintenance, but they will lack that natural magic that those that do breathe have. People often wonder which plants are better choices, so it is a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of each one. It will be useful and will help you to choose better.

Artificial plants

Artificial plants, as we have advanced above, are plants that can look very real and are made with materials to make it so. They are a very suitable option for people who do not spend much time at home, who travel often… because they do not require watering, nor pots, nor that you change the place for the solar theme, nor that you prune them…

But of course, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need any maintenance… in fact, they do need several:

  • Dusting the leaves and petals
  • Clean with wet wipes
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth

It is true, that in artificial plants you can find some types that having them at home as a real plant would be much more complicated (for example orchids).

If you do not know how to choose between one option or another, remember that artificial plants will not bring warmth to your home, that is, they will make you feel that green sensation of having plants, but you will not feel the natural freshness that natural plants offer.

Besides, artificial plants can even be toxic and flammable, and therefore, dangerous. But on the other hand, you must also have patience to take good care of real plants… and artificial ones won’t give you bug problems!

Real plants

Although artificial plants are very well achieved, we cannot ignore that plants that are real will always dazzle more than any artificial plant. Real plants are living beings that transform themselves, that purify the air, that bring color and vitality to your home.

They are ornamental, medicinal, wonderful… And there are even those that give you edible leaves or fruit. Although it is true that you have to take care of them often, they also give you all their real beauty.

The care

As we have mentioned, artificial plants have a care that requires only the maintenance of the material of which it is made. But when it comes to caring for real plants, it is important that you look for a plant that is easy to care for and that you keep it close to a source of sunlight in the first place.

Don’t put it directly in the sun to prevent the leaves from burning or wilting too soon.

If you have a poor memory, you can set an alarm on your watch or phone to remind you to water your plants at certain times. If you still have trouble watering your plants, then you can put a bottle of water upside down on the ground (with the cap on and with holes in it).

In this way you can water in dripping mode without having to always be on the lookout. Although you can also choose plants that do not require much watering.

The time

It is important to keep in mind that if, in spite of everything we have talked about above, you still have doubts and you don’t know whether to choose between real and artificial plants, then you will have to think about the time you have available.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, time is fundamental in any case. But of course, even if you have little time you can appreciate something else: real plants can give you intense therapy while you take care of them. It is a necessary connection with nature that you can have in your home.


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