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UK supermarkets are at risk of stock-outs


British supermarkets are at risk of running out of fresh produce, such as fruit and vegetables, by the end of the week, retail executives told the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on Wednesday.

“Everyone’s Christmas dinner is safe,” said Andrew Opie, a member of the UK Retail Consortium.

However, the executive said that the supply chain must start moving, “if we don’t see trucks coming through the Channel again, they won’t be able to pick up the shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables (from Europe) that we depend on at this time of year,” Opie added.

Tesco, a well-known British supermarket chain, has declared that it has introduced ‘product purchase limits’ in certain lines of articles.

Customers will now be able to buy only one packet of toilet paper and up to three items in products such as fresh eggs, rice or laundry and hand soap.

In addition to these restrictions imposed by the British supermarket, the ‘product purchase limit’ would include baby and anti-bacterial wipes, flour or fresh pasta.

However, the supermarket has conveyed ‘peace of mind’ to its customers through an email stating that “you can buy normally, as before”.

“We continue to have good availability in the small number of fresh products such as lettuce, cauliflower and citrus that we import from France at this time of year” Tesco has communicated to its clients.

The closure of borders between France and the United Kingdom last Sunday has created collapses among trucks that import food at the port of Dover in the English Channel.

Despite the fact that last night France reopened the borders with the United Kingdom to truckers, among others, the collapse continues because a negative PCR test is needed to enter the country, which slows circulation.

The British Army has joined forces with the health authorities on Wednesday to carry out rapid tests of covid-19 on thousands of truckers stranded near the port of Dover in order to speed up travel following the reopening of the French border.

Lufthansa, a German airline, has also added a special 80-tonne perishable food cargo flight this Wednesday from Frankfurt to Sheffield, northern England, to help meet the demand for food products.


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