Agitu Ideo Gudeta, an Ethiopian immigrant who became a symbol of integration in Italy, was killed on Tuesday by one of his workers on his farm in the autonomous province of Trento (north of the country), where he was raising goats for a cheese business, local media reported today.

The 32-year-old, a Ghanaian, killed the 42-year-old woman with a hammer after raping her, as he confessed to police on Wednesday during an interrogation, sources said.

Gudeta’s body was found in her bedroom by a neighbor who had planned to meet her and decided to go to her house to look for her, surprised that she had not come to the appointment.

Gudeta escaped from Ethiopia in 2010 after participating in protests against the expropriation of land by multinationals from local farmers, which was not supported by the country’s authorities.

When he arrived in Italy, he settled in the Fersina Valley area, in the autonomous province of Trento, and used unused municipal land to set up a farm and build a company to sell cheese and cosmetic products.

His business soon became a success and Gudeta became a symbol of integration in Italy.

Messages of condolence for her death follow one another throughout the country and, for example, the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Bellanova, has stressed that her life story “spoke of emigration, acceptance, integration, appreciation of the territory, love for the land and animals, autonomy and female freedom”.

The politician Emma Bonino has also transmitted her sorrow to the social networks and has affirmed that Gudeta was “an extraordinary example for all the women refugees” in Italy.



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