U.S. President Donald Trump has urged Georgia’s Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger, to find the 11,780 votes he needed to win the state. He has done so in an absolutely explosive telephone conversation, obtained by the Washington Post, and which many, including the Post’s columnist, Jennifer Rubin, already describe as a coup plotter.

In the amazing talk, which took place last Saturday at 3:00 p.m. Washington time, Trump insists on the theories about the alleged electoral fraud, stirs up the ghosts of the theoretically lost votes and the mysteriously tricked machines, and hints to Raffensperger that he would have allowed a fraud of colossal proportions. To fix the problem Trump only needs the Secretary of State to help him “find” those votes. To encourage him, the president alternates between more or less veiled threats and the need to find someone willing to help them. He also adds that the people, the Republican voters, are angry at what Raffensperger and the other Republican officials who have denied the hypothetical scam have “done” to the president. Again and again Raffensperger, who in recent weeks has received all kinds of pressure, denies Trump’s claims and tries to explain to him, without much success, that no one, not the secretaries of state, not the FBI, not the attorney general, not the local and federal courts have found not evidence but even indications of the conspiracies. During the conversation the two main interlocutors were not alone.

According to the Post, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and several lawyers close to Trump’s campaign also participated at one point or another; Raffensperger participated along with his office’s Attorney General Ryan Germany and Georgia’s Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs. “I know you’d like to get to the bottom of this,” Trump said at one point in the talk, “even though I saw you on TV today and you said you didn’t find anything wrong. I mean, you know, I didn’t lose the state, Brad. People have said it was the biggest vote in history. There’s no way. A lot of political people said there was no way they could beat me. And they beat me. They beat me… As you know, in every state… we won in every state. Trump also didn’t forget to mention the senate elections in Georgia, which will be decisive in deciding the direction of the legislature. “Well, Mr. President,” Raffensperger replies, “your challenge is that the data you have is incorrect.

As for the so-called “votes under the table” refer to the election kits used to transport the votes and stored under the tables during the voting process, so the election authorities have ruled out that it is a fraud.


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