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Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Asor says coronavirus vaccine turns people gay


Ultra-orthodox Rabbi Daniel Asor says that the coronavirus vaccine can produce changes in the sexual orientation of those who receive it. The preacher, who maintains a small community of some 7,400 subscribers on his YouTube channel, has stated in one of his videos that “any vaccine with an embryonic substrate -and we have proof of it- causes opposite tendencies”, according to the local newspaper Israel Hayom.

This Israeli rabbi is famous for echoing other conspiracy theories, such as one that claims that both Covid-19 and vaccines are the work of a “global evil government” composed of Freemasonry, the Illuminati and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who are trying to “establish a new world order.

However, leading leaders of the ultra-orthodox community have recommended that their parishioners get vaccinated against the virus. Indeed, some have even taken the rabbi’s words to heart. The Israeli association for LGTBQ rights in the ultra-Orthodox community, Havra, has responded with irony that they are “preparing to welcome new members”.



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