Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro presented this Sunday some drops that he described as “miraculous” and which, he assured, neutralize COVID-19 by 100% when used every four hours.

“Having received the official sanitary permit from the country, I can present the medicine that neutralizes 100% of the coronavirus, the Carvativir, better known as the miraculous drops of José Gregorio Hernández”, said the President during a televised speech in which he offered a balance on the pandemic in Venezuela.

This treatment, he explained, is the result of several clinical, scientific and biological studies that lasted nine months and included experimentation on moderately and severely ill patients, who, according to the President, recovered from the disease thanks to these drops.

“Ten drops under the tongue, every four hours, and the miracle is done, it is a powerful antiviral, very powerful that neutralizes the coronavirus”, insisted Maduro, and then pointed out that everything related to this product “will be published in international magazines”.

Carvativir, he continued, is a “totally innocuous” medicine, since “it does not have any secondary or negative effects”, or at least this is demonstrated, he said, by the “massive experiments” carried out in Venezuela.

As from this week, the President indicated, the “massive production” of this medicine will begin, for which the Government plans to establish a direct distribution system to ensure the arrival of these doses to all hospitals and health centers in general.

In addition, Maduro plans to export thousands of doses of Carvativir to the countries which, together with Venezuela, make up the ALBA-TCP bloc (Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Haiti and other Caribbean nations) and to market it with other countries with which it has a “strategic relationship”, although he did not mention any of them.

He added that the Executive Vice-President, Delcy Rodríguez, will deliver all the information to the director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, “so that he can know and certify this powerful antiviral”.

Maduro called Carvativir “miraculous drops”, in allusion to the Venezuelan physician José Gregorio Hernández (1864-1919), who is considered venerable by the Catholic Church and will be beatified this year, after Pope Francis approved a miracle attributed to this doctor.


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