For the past few days, groups of coronavirus deniers have been protesting in the Netherlands against the curfew imposed to curb the pandemic. Many stores have been protected with wooden planks and have sent their employees home for safety.

Landscape after the battle. For the third day in a row, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam or Eindhoven have woken up recovering after scenes of violence that have the country in flames due to the curfew decreed by the Government to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

They are being staged by young coronavirus deniers protesting a curfew that does not appear to be too severe. It is a curfew at 21:00 at night. It is historic, though. “We haven’t seen anything like this since World War II,” says this citizen.

We are talking about a country where individual freedom is almost a matter of life and death. The government, which resigned 11 days ago, has lost moral authority to impose measures that contrast with what it did during the first wave.

Then it did not want to force anything, not even the use of masks. Now, the acting prime minister proclaims severity. “This is criminal violence and will be treated as such,” he says in an atmosphere that some Dutch politicians have exaggeratedly compared to a civil war.


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