China, the country where the coronavirus pandemic originated, has largely contained the epidemic since the mid-2020s and since then, there have been only small, localized outbreaks that authorities have tried to contain through tight restrictions, as well as through mass PCR rapid tests, whereby physiological tests are taken through the nose or mouth. These tests are now joined by anal testing.

Anal testing for coronavirus

The Chinese authorities do not want to risk the coronavirus going back on the rampage and have decided to include another test to detect it. It is a diagnosis that provides more efficient results than the tests known so far, as it is based on the trace left by the coronavirus in the body through the anus.

What do these anal tests consist of?

This test consists in the insertion of a cotton swab soaked in a saline solution, through two or three centimeters into the anus, which will then be analyzed to detect the viral load in our body. The rectal test “increases the detection rate of infected persons” because scientists have found that some Covid-19 patients have an active and prolonged intestinal viral infection, even if they do not manifest gastrointestinal symptoms. For those people, stool samples often test positive even a week after their respiratory samples have tested negative, Dr. Li Tongzeng of You’an Hospital in Beijing told ‘CCTV’.

Some people find it humiliating

This type of anal coronavirus detection test is raising controversy and many have shown their opposition through social networks. There are citizens who consider this method of detection of Covid-19 to be uncomfortable and even humiliating.

Self-screening kits for tourists

The news broke when a tourist reported that he had been given an anal examination kit so that he could collect the sample from his anus himself instead of performing the traditional PCR via the respiratory route.


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