Chinese government censors on Tuesday blocked the popular social network Clubhouse, which has hosted conversations critical of Beijing in recent days.

Clubhouse, which is an audio chat application, no longer has access in the Asian country, as confirmed by the Great Firewall organization, which is responsible for tracking the blockades that occur by the Chinese authorities on the Internet.

In this sense, the social network had seen how Chinese critics had moved to its environment to discuss issues that Beijing finds uncomfortable, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan or the persecution of Uyghur Muslims.

Not only has the app been censored, but during Tuesday the hashtag #Clubhouse has also been censored on the popular Chinese platform Weibo.

According to users, when they tried to access the app to log in, they received an error message stating that “a secure connection to the server cannot be established.”

On the other hand, those who wanted to register in the social network could not either, as they did not receive text messages from Clubhouse and, therefore, did not receive the necessary verification code.

However, as with other applications blocked in the Asian country, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, eBay or Amazon, Clubhouse can still be accessed from a virtual private network.


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