Donald Trump, former president of the United States, and Melania Trump, his wife, secretly took the vaccine against COVID-19 in January, before leaving the White House, as revealed by the ‘New York Times’, after confirming it with a Trump advisor.

There are doubts about whether the couple who have occupied the White House in recent years received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine or just the first one.

It is also unknown which vaccine was administered to Donald Trump, who for months denied using the mask.

A government official stated in mid-December that Donald Trump would not receive the vaccine until the White House doctor recommended it.

In the first public speech since his term ended on January 20, Donald Trump stated during his speech that “everyone should go get their shot.”

The handling of the pandemic contrasts with that of Democrat Joe Biden, who vaccinated in public and encouraged his compatriots to set an example.

During his term in office, Trump even acknowledged that he had deliberately underestimated the seriousness of the disease at the beginning of the pandemic so that Americans would not panic, in a series of interviews with journalist Bob Woodward.

Donald Trump caught the coronavirus in late September. The former president needed to be hospitalized in a Washington D.C. hospital and was given an experimental cocktail of antibodies from the pharmaceutical company Regeneron and the antiviral Remdesivir as a remedy. Melania Trump also suffered from the disease.


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