The United Kingdom is approaching the figure of 20.3 million vaccinated against the coronavirus, which represents a third of its population. The United Kingdom is the country hardest hit by the virus in Europe and has the highest rate of deaths from Covid-19 in the world, with 122,849, although it has reduced the number of daily infections to below 10,000 thanks to the vaccination program and harsh containment measures.

Compared to March 2020, when the global coronavirus crisis began, the UK as a whole has identified a total of 4,176,554 positives after testing. The number of deaths due to coronavirus has fallen in recent days and, according to data provided by the British Ministry of Health, in the last day is 144.

Since December, the United Kingdom has launched an intense vaccination campaign against the coronavirus with which it has managed to administer the first dose to more than 20 million British citizens.

The immunization campaign of Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, has focused on delaying the administration of the second dose of the coronavirus vaccines by up to 12 weeks in order to immunize as many British citizens as possible as quickly as possible.

According to scientific experts at Public Health England, the United Kingdom has detected evidence showing a greater drop in the rates of coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths among citizens who have already been vaccinated.

The United Kingdom is continuing with the restrictions and is in the midst of its third containment to curb coronavirus infections. Recently, Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, announced a four-phase de-escalation plan, which will begin with a return to schools on March 8.


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