In the case of the disappearance of young James Robert Hutchinson in the State of Ohio, United States, nothing is what it seemed. Last Sunday, Brittany Gosney, James’ mother, reported the disappearance of her 6-year-old son to the authorities. However, according to NBC News, hours after the investigation began, the police ended up charging the woman with homicide.

According to court documents, Gosney confessed to Middletown Police investigators that she had abandoned James in the park. According to authorities, when the boy tried to return to the car, she ran over him and dragged him for several yards.

Half an hour later, Gosney returned to the scene, and upon finding the boy dead with a head injury, she took the body home and hid it in a bedroom of the home.

A day later, the mother and her partner drove to the Ohio River and dumped the child’s lifeless body in the water, according to the investigation document. Like the mother, the boyfriend was also charged with tampering with evidence, among other charges. The judge in charge of the case set bail for Gosney at $1 million and for the couple at $100,000.

Middletown Police Chief David Birk said at a press conference to explain the case that Gosney had “not shown much remorse.”

The court hearing is scheduled for March 8. For the moment the boy’s body has not been found.


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