Faiz Siddiqui, 41, neither studies nor works, but has made the pages of British newspapers for his eagerness to achieve something hitherto unheard of: demanding that his parents pay him alimony for life. As The Daily Mirror reveals, the Oxford graduate is not a man on the verge of eviction as he actually lives rent-free in a £1 million apartment owned by his parents near Hyde Park in central London.

Siddiqui claims that he is entirely dependent on his parents, a wealthy family, and that he is entitled to maintenance money due to health problems. He is currently unemployed and argues that without the stipend from his parents, who live in Dubai, his human rights are being violated, the newspaper reports.

The case of Siddiqui, who worked for a number of law firms after graduating from university, is the first of its kind, but the man has experience in lawsuits. He reportedly sued Oxford University three years ago, seeking £1 million in compensation, for failing to provide him with quality teaching and a first-class degree, which he argued deprived him of a good position in the legal profession.

Siddiqui’s petition was dismissed by the High Court. The judge in the case found that Siddiqui’s “inadequate preparation” and “lack of academic discipline” were the reasons why he scored so poorly in the June 2000 exams. Oxford University accepted that there were fewer teaching staff that year in 1999 but denied that the teaching was “inadequate.”

Now the battle is focused on the parents, who argue that for years they have been passing their son an amount of £400 a week for his expenses and have also helped him with paying bills. But things have changed after a family dispute with their son, who they describe as being a “difficult, demanding and stubborn” person.

The family’s barrister, Justin Warshaw QC, told The Sun, “These long-suffering parents have their own view of what is proper child support.”


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