One of the main warnings that can be read at gas stations is that when refueling you should not do so with the engine or lights on, but also not while using your cell phone. Doing so can be dangerous because of the risk of ignition near flammable vapors.

Although the possibility is so low that many believe it is a myth, the risk is real, and proof of this is what happened to a Mexican driver who ignored the recommendation and used his cell phone while refueling.

As reported by the Mexican newspaper El Universal, it was a van belonging to the government of the state of Guanajuato. The driver was refueling at a service station in the town of Celaya.

The fire broke out almost without the driver having time to react, although he was able to get away from the flames. However, the vehicle was badly damaged by the fire.

The firemen of Celaya had to come to extinguish the flames of the vehicle and prevent the fire from spreading to the gas station and causing a more severe catastrophe.

Following the incident, which was captured by the gas station’s surveillance camera and was later broadcast on social media, firefighters reiterated the importance of not using mobile devices at gas stations.


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