Five people have been found dead in Taourirt (northeastern Morocco) after having ingested hydroalcoholic gel, which they bought with the presumed intention of getting drunk, according to the daily Asabah.

The gendarmes of Taourourirt first found a corpse near a road, and open investigations led to the discovery of four other dead people, related to the first dead man and all suffering from alcoholism.

The agents made several arrests among those responsible for the sale of the gel, who had several bottles ready to be sold as an alcoholic beverage.

The sale of hydroalcoholic gel is restricted to health uses only, in Morocco as in the rest of the world, but its affordable price in relation to alcoholic beverages – heavily taxed in the country – may explain its use for “recreational” purposes.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and the generalization of the use of sanitary disinfectants, similar cases of death by intoxication with hydroalcoholic gel have been reported from Russia to the United States.


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