The COVID-19 pandemic remains a global health threat. The coronavirus pandemic, present for more than a year, has claimed millions of lives. However, some refuse to accept the reality of the virus. One of them was the Norwegian Hans Kristian Gaarder, a coronavirus denier who spent his last days organizing illegal parties and betting on conspiracy theories.

As reported by the News in English portal, the 60-year-old man, based in Gran, a municipality 40 miles north of Oslo, tested positive for coronavirus after he died. Gaarder had refused to be tested before the event, but after his death it was confirmed that he was infected.

Gaarder’s death occurred several days after he organized two illegal parties, during March 26 and 27. So far, authorities have not been able to identify the total number of people who attended the events held at the height of the pandemic, however, more than a dozen of the attendees tested positive for the coronavirus. Meanwhile, social gatherings have been suspended in Gan since last March to prevent the spread of the virus.

The coronavirus denier is believed to have kept his symptoms secret for several weeks. Previously, according to the media, he had likened COVID-19 illness to “a cold or a mild flu”. He also wrongly argued that the virus was not transmitted from person to person.

Gaarder identified himself as an “independent suppressed information researcher,” the leader of the coronavirus denialist sector. He tried to convince his followers that the job of the “lying and weak” media was to “deceive readers into being led blindly into the mud by equally lying and weak politicians.”

He was also known for spreading conspiracy theories through his social networks. His publications covered a wide range of fake news. He frequently referred to the Illuminati, occult world powers, secret societies, aliens, the latest U.S. election and, of course, the coronavirus.

In 2009, according to Metro, he had been skeptical about swine flu. At that time he denounced the Norwegian state television station NRK and the Public Health Agency for “engaging in extreme fear propaganda and lies”.


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