Rodolfo Corazón was a stray dog who had won the affection of an entire neighborhood. For this reason, it has caused great indignation when a man hacked him to death last week while he was asleep. A wave that has spread throughout the country and has been joined by politicians and artists, and has even led to the opening of a judicial investigation.

The facts were made known by a Twitter user, who last week shared a thread in which she recounted the tragic event in the Mexican city of Los Mochis. According to her, on April 12, a man went to where the animal was sleeping and killed it with a machete. According to the Twitter user, the incident was recorded and there were several witnesses.

Several testimonies agree that the dog was just another dog in the Los Cedros neighborhood of the Mexican city, located on the Pacific coast. They define him as “very playful” and faithful to the neighbors, who fed him. For this reason, the user’s thread was quickly shared and has passed 2,500 retweets.

And is that in that publication very precise details of the alleged perpetrator of the death were given, with his name and photos. According to the tweeter, the man killed the dog because it had bitten his girlfriend.

In fact, the woman also shared on social networks images of the alleged wounds that the dog had caused her, as well as medical documents and prescriptions, as she claimed that she had spent about 500 dollars in medicines. However, Facebook users began to criticize her, because the prescriptions given by the girlfriend were dated before the event. Shortly afterwards, she disassociated herself from the case and stated that she had “nothing to do” with the death of Rodolfo Corazón and asked not to be “demonized.

The case has even been covered by national media such as El Universal and the prestigious publication Proceso, and artists such as Eugenio Derbez and Eduardo Yáñez have called for justice to be done.

Last week a citizen’s march was organized in the city, defying the coronavirus restrictions, to the headquarters of the Sinaloa State Prosecutor’s Office to demand that the authorities take action.

And the protest had an effect, as days later the Prosecutor’s Office announced that the case was already “judicialized” and that they were waiting for the judge to set a date for the interrogation of the accused.

The state governor himself, Quirino Ordaz, said in a message that he had always been “in favor of respect for the life of animals”.

According to Proceso, the accused has already gone to the Prosecutor’s Office of his own free will to give his statement. It will be a matter of days before the case of the little dog Rodolfo Corazón is clarified.


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