Five ships and a helicopter deployed over the waters off Bali, Indonesia, to search for the missing submarine with only 24 hours of oxygen left. There are 53 crew members on board.

The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has ordered to reinforce the rescue efforts and “has ordered the military chief, the Navy chief of staff, the search and rescue agency and others to deploy all forces to find and rescue the crew of the submarine”. The priority now is to find every one of the 53 Marines on board.

Indonesian authorities have reported a sighting of an oil trail near the dive site that could belong to the submarine. They have also indicated that it would mean either a distress call by the crew or indications of damage to the submersible itself.

It is a 44-year-old German-made KRI Nanggala-402 submarine. Indonesia continues to focus its efforts to modernize the country’s defensive capabilities but some of its equipment is outdated and accidents like this one have been occurring for some years.


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