The President of the European Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, announced this morning that Europe will have 1.8 billion doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines will be delivered throughout 2021 to 2023.

The agreement sealed between the European Union and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer would be enough to immunize 450 million people in the EU against the coronavirus over the next two years. This agreement is in line with the EU’s main objective: the long-term supply of vaccines against COVID-19. To this end, other agreements had already been concluded with Pfizer and its German partner, BioNTech, to supply 600 million doses of this vaccine.

Another of the bloc’s main objectives is to vaccinate at least 70% of EU adults by the end of the summer. “We will conclude in the next few days, The necessary doses will be ensured to strengthen and increase immunity,” said the president of the European Commission.

This is the latest move by Brussels to increase the availability of vaccines with messenger RNA technology rather than those using viral vector technology such as the AstraZeneca and Janssen vaccines.

Following recent developments with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, which drastically reduced delivery targets for COVID-19 vaccines due to production problems, the EU is attempting to sever ties with the company and on Thursday even threatened legal action if a solution is not found.


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