Salvatore Scumace is known in Italy as the ‘king of absenteeism’ as he has been 15 years without going to work. The man worked in a hospital in Catanzaro, in Calabria, and has been 15 years collecting his salary without going to work. During these 15 years he has received 538,000 euros, or about 2,000 euros net on average per month.

According to ‘The Guardian’, the doctor extorted the hospital director not to file a disciplinary report for his absenteeism. Subsequently, the director retired and his successor never took it upon himself to verify the worker’s absence, nor did the human resources department.

The man has been arrested and is charged with fraud, extortion and abuse of power. Hospital officials, who failed to act on the employee’s absence, are also under investigation.

His arrest is the result of a long-running police investigation, codenamed ‘Part Time’, launched by Italian authorities to investigate absenteeism and fraud in the public sector, reports the ‘BBC’.

The Italian government tightened a law in 2016 aimed at preventing rampant absenteeism among the country’s public employees.


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