Danezja Kilpatrick, the alleged perpetrator, has been charged according to the Queens, New York, District Attorney’s Office with killing her two babies, who were found dead in her apartment last Thursday after being left with the bodies for four days.

Prosecutors have released details of how the 23-year-old killed her twin six-week-old sons. According to what has been gathered, Kilpatrick put disinfectant in the milk bottles and then poured boiling water over the children inside the bathtub.

According to authorities one of the children stopped moving at that point and the mother wrapped his body and placed him in a black plastic bag and then placed him under the kitchen sink.

The other son, who had survived the boiling water, was found by police face down with a knife in his head, according to court records.

The mother admitted to police after being arrested that “the babies wouldn’t let me sleep.” “I gave up and stopped caring. I didn’t care about the babies, so I poisoned them,” Kilpatrick said.

The defendant’s sister went to the house to visit her sister and admits that when she walked in she knew “something wasn’t right.” “Something gave me a bad vibe….. There were no baby clothes, no bottles,” she testified.

Kilpatrick has been charged with two counts of first- and second-degree murder.


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