Dozens of people have died at a religious celebration in Israel due to a human stampede. Initial reports suggested that the event was caused by the collapse of the bleachers, but the current theory is that the confusion was caused by what was believed to be a bomb threat.

Tens of thousands of Jews were celebrating Lag Baomer in northern Israel, in an event that was the most crowded in the country since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 44 attendees, so far, were crushed to death and more than 100 were injured. Dozens are in critical condition, according to emergency services, which are evacuating those affected for medical care and have set up a field hospital following one of the most tragic incidents in Israel’s recent history. The army is also assisting in the evacuation of the wounded.

“Our volunteers in the area explain that there was a collapse due to overcrowding and people fell on top of each other,” causing many to “flee the scene” and find themselves in a more crowded situation, he added.

The Lag Baomer holiday was celebrated on Galilee’s Mount Meron with singing and dancing and no major security restrictions against the coronavirus as the country has returned to near normalcy following a swift vaccination against Sars-Cov-2.


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