Last October, a seven-month-old baby died of malnutrition. The little boy was on a vegan diet which, according to his mother’s statements, provided him with this food “to follow the Bible”.

The 28-year-old mother told the New York Post that “vegan means everything in this Bible” and that what she was looking for was for her son not to be “a fat child” while holding the Christian book in her hand.

The baby was found unconscious by NYPD officers. After an autopsy, the Medical Examiner’s Office reported that it was a homicide and that the little boy was suspected to be malnourished.

The mother, who has three other children, has not been formally charged but, according to police sources, has been subjected to several interrogations. The mother herself, named Clara, told the New York newspaper that “there were fifteen policemen against me…. They took my daughter away in November, they took her away a week later.”

“Why are they trying to find out what God is doing?” the mother questioned, to which she continued, “Kameri was fed vegan because with all the formulas, I tried six different ones, he was getting thrush (fungal infection in the mouth).”

Carla went on to defend that the food she provided for her son, “He wasn’t fed nonsense. He was not fed formula containing chemicals.”

Of her three other children, a 2-year-old girl is under the protection of Social Affairs. From the department they stated that their “top priority is to protect the safety and well-being of all children in New York City.” “We are investigating this case with the NYPD and have taken steps to ensure the safety of the other child in this home,” they say.


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