A London man admitted last week to raping and kidnapping a 13-year-old girl last November. The man was transferred to Wandsworth Prison after the trial, where another prisoner attacked him causing serious injuries.

According to ‘The Sun’, the other prisoner attacked him after learning that he had abused a minor. The man has needed to undergo plastic surgery after the attack.

“It was a brutal attack by a prisoner who had arrived in the same van. Everyone knew what he had done. He was clearly a target,” explained one of the prison workers.

The man admitted in court that he followed a 13-year-old girl before sneaking up behind her and putting one hand over her mouth and another over her head. The man threatened the girl and forced her to undress in an alley.

A woman called the Police alerting them that she saw a man kidnapping a girl. Before officers arrived, another witness came to the scene of the assault and managed to interrupt the assailant. The girl recognized the assailant in an identification parade and he also confessed what happened during a trial.


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