North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has ordered officials of North Korea’s main youth organization to crack down on haircuts and music among the country’s teenagers that he doesn’t like.

As reported by the Mirror, the dictator has ordered Youth League officials to closely monitor “the speech, hairstyles and dress of young people” and to take note of any “abnormal activity and psychological changes.”

North Korean citizens reportedly choose their haircut from a government-approved list and, according to reports gathered in the secretive communist dictatorship, there has been an effort to eradicate the use of foreign slang in recent years.

According to these reports, Kim Jong-un is waging a campaign to fight against influences from other countries, which he perceives as a threat to the power of his regime.

In a letter released by North Korean state media, he wrote that Chinese and South Korean fashion coming into North Korea was a “serious concern.”

“Obviously, the spread of Chinese, South Korean or foreign fashion is a serious concern for the North Korean government,” the letter said. “First it’s haircuts, then lifestyle choices, then values, then potentially fundamental questions about power, money and the way society is structured: that’s the logic,” the text expresses.

“Everywhere in the world where generations of teenagers seek only personal goals and pleasure, only our young people are the revolutionaries who find their pleasure in hardship and trials,” the letter says.


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