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Shocking collapse of an apartment building in Gaza after Israeli attack


The escalation between Israel and Hamas is wreaking destruction on numerous infrastructures. In Gaza, an Israeli bombardment hit a residential area of the Strip, where several videos captured the moment when a 12-storey building collapsed in a matter of seconds after the Israeli offensive.

According to several sources, the building housed members of the terrorist group. The affected building is reportedly the Hanadi Tower. One of the videos shows three plumes of smoke rising from the Hamas building. The upper floors remained intact until the building collapsed. The building housed a central office of the ruling Palestinian party. The area of the incident was cut off from electricity.

In recent hours, Israeli aircraft have struck another building in Gaza City. The nine-story structure housed residential apartments, medical production companies and a dental clinic. The Israel Defense Forces fired five warning rockets from a drone to alert people of the coming bombardment. Shortly afterward, the planes struck the building again after journalists and emergency crews gathered around.


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